The Fitness Cue ® is a fun and portable workout product made mostly of natural wood.  It serves as a reminder to go back to the basics when it comes to taking care of our bodies.  Today more and more people are living a very sedentary life-style.  Our bodies fall out of alignment because most of us are unaware of our poor posture and habits throughout the day.  It's very common that most people tend to have a dominant side, which leads to over-use of one side of the body.   Once this happens, flexibility decreases.   When range of motion decreases, so does our strength.  Over time, if not corrected, this could lead to chronic pain and injury.  In the fitness industry we call this "premature aging"  no matter if you are John Doe or a professional athlete.    The good news is it's never too late to reverse the signs of "premature aging."  All it takes is desire, knowledge and the right tools.

Li Si Yang is a personal trainer and the owner of Journey to Fitness.  She has been in business for over ten years and sees "premature aging" as the root of many health issues.  This led her to invent an exercise product to help people improve their posture, increase flexibility, and to strengthen dormant muscles.  The "Fitness Cue" is unique in that it will lengthen muscles that are tight and strengthen muscles that are neglected and weak.  The patented grooves and slides will help detect  imbalance by keeping both sides of the body symmetrical, while offering a gentle cue to maintain good alignment and form.



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