Fitness Cue Explained


The Fitness Cue® is a fitness apparatus with helical carved grooves that are symmetrical to the center.  The grooves along with the hand slides allow the user an effortless way to slide his/her hands along the staff giving equal spacing to the entire movement.  As the hand slides travel along the grooves of the staff, the staff will twist. As the staff twists, each side will assist the other in equal movement creating equal spacing and centering the connector of the staff to the center of the body. The grooves also serve as a feedback mechanism as described below.



Many behaviors cause our bodies to become misaligned: sleeping on the couch, carrying a bag/purse habitually on the same shoulder, standing with one hip out to the side and shoulders unbalance.  The Fitness Cue® will let you know when you are in perfect alignment.  It does so by the smoothness of operation.  Drop a shoulder or bend one of your arms and you will receive your "CUE" that you are no longer in correct alignment, hindering the smooth flow of operation.  As soon as you correct your alignment, the operation will be smooth again.  With each use, your body will learn to self-correct and get you back in alignment.


Poor posture is becoming an increasing problem for most of us because we spend much of our time in front of a television, computer or video screen.    After long hours of rounding our shoulders and straining our necks, the Fitness Cue® will help guide us back into proper posture. Many fitness movements are poorly performed in regard to posture. The Fitness Cue® keeps the user in correct posture with many of its exercises.  The Fitness Cue® offers exercises that will stretch out muscles that are tight and strengthen muscles that have been neglected due to poor posture.



Every day our muscles tighten for many reasons (poor posture habits, over-working, stress, trauma etc).  Unaddressed issues and lack of stretching can lead to chronic pain and muscle weakness.  As we age, our flexibility naturally decreases, but we can reverse the process. The Fitness Cue® is a perfect stretching tool to assist in increasing flexibility. Whether you are tight, have a limited range of motion, or you consider yourself flexible, the Fitness Cue® can offer a wide range of stretches to increase your flexibility.



Most of us have a dominant arm. Many weight machines do not have any corrective measures to fix this and free weight exercises do not address this imbalance.  The Fitness Cue® forces the user to develop muscle-mind control to get both sides of our bodies to work equally.  If both sides do not work equally, the Fitness Cue® will give the user a "CUE" by not allowing the slides to symmetrically and equally part. When both sides work equally, the Fitness Cue® will work effortlessly and your strength will increase.



Balance is something we often neglect.  If we do not notice poor balance we never think about it.  If we do not perform exercises to improve our balance we slowly lose it.  The Fitness Cue® offers the correct amount of balance support to improve balance.